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Here you can find out more about our fund-raising campaign, Penny Pledge. This year, Grace Foods UK pledged to raise up to £10,000 for the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) – and we have achieved our target. 

The funds were raised by our Penny Pledge campaign in which one penny from every case of Grace-branded food and drink sold by Enco Products is donated to a designated charity.
The ACLT seeks to tackle the health inequalities in the black and minority ethnic (BME) community by increasing the number of blood, bone marrow and organ (BBO) donors from this group.  The ACLT is committed to providing the most convenient, culturally sensitive and friendliest bone marrow/stem cell service to the BME community in the UK. 

The ACLT aims to raise awareness about the importance of BME’s registering as potential BBO donors to enable worldwide donor searches on behalf of black, mixed race and ethnic minority patients.  The charity’s ultimate aim is to accelerate the saving of more lives within the BME community.   

The charity was established in 1996 by Beverly De-Gale OBE and Orin Lewis OBE, upon learning that the only hope of survival for their 6 year old son, Daniel De Gale who suffered from Leukaemia, was to receive a bone marrow transplant. As bone marrow contains racially specific characteristics and there were only 550 black or mixed race people on the UK bone marrow register, there was approximately a 1 in 250,000 chance of Daniel finding a compatible donor. 

Daniel finally won his battle against Leukaemia when he received a bone marrow transplant in 1999 from a donor based in the USA. He was in full remission when due to health complications that led to multiple organ failure he died in 2008, just aged 21.

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